What is an EnergyFlex Rating?

Your EnergyFlex Rating is a personalised measure of how well you use renewable energy.

Think of it as a sustainability score for your home or business that shows how much of your electricity comes from fossil fuels and how much comes from renewable sources (even if you don’t have solar panels), averaged out over 90 days. 

When you know your EnergyFlex Rating, you can change your energy habits to get more done during the day when energy is clean, cheap, and sometimes even free.

Understanding the EnergyFlex Rating values:

0 – 0.9: Your energy use heavily favours fossil fuels, which may reduce the use of renewables and increase coal dependency.

1 – 1.9: Most of your energy use occurs during fossil fuel generation periods, reducing your positive impact.

2 – 2.9: Your energy use is balanced; it both helps and hinders the grid. Small changes could improve your impact.

3 – 3.9: Your energy use aligns well with renewable sources, indicating conscious effort. However, using energy during less optimal times can still be challenging.

4–5: You excel at matching your energy use with renewables, most likely using a dynamic system to adjust to the grid’s daily variations.

What’s your EnergyFlex Rating? Find out today.

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