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Because we’re on a mission to change how Aussies uses energy, and your skills and ideas can help Australia shift to a low-carbon future – faster.

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energyflex careers

Explore career opportunities in renewable energy and green technology at EnergyFlex

Our values

Energy drives our business

We are a team of ambitious, diverse, and energetic people determined to drive change the leads to positive environmental and energy system outcomes.

Ideas are everything

EnergyFlex is an ideas-driven business, and every idea has the potential to spark change. We believe in the power of diverse thought, and we recognise and appreciate every perspective.

Never greenwash

We’re transparent, authentic, and genuinely concerned about the climate. We welcome challenging conversations, invite constructive feedback, and promise to navigate environmental challenges with integrity and honesty.
Be part of our push towards a Renewables Ready future.
Transitioning to renewable energy is the number one solution to reducing emissions and energy bills, but it needs strong collaboration.
Flexible by name and nature
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