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At EnergyFlex, we’re building a community that values every voice, champions every idea, and believes in the collective power to reshape how we think about and consume energy.

About EnergyFlex

EnergyFlex is a proudly Australian and veteran-owned and operated energy data, insights, and education solutions provider. 

We believe that if we don’t change our energy habits, electricity prices will keep increasing, meeting net-zero emissions targets will become more challenging, and we’ll delay progress towards a sustainable and low-carbon future.

Our purpose

To accelerate the clean energy transition by providing the tools, education, and confidence to make Australia – and the world – Renewables Ready, one home and one change at a time.


We want to put every Australian on a pathway to free and clean energy. We do this by equipping them with a simple rating that shows how effectively they tap into renewable energy and teaching them how to shift their energy use to cleaner, lower-cost times of the day.


The more people that we can help to become energy flexible, the faster Australia can lead the world in decarbonising its economy and meeting its net-zero targets.

Hear from our CEO,
Garry Harding

A proud corporate member, Co-Founder and CEO Garry Harding talks to the South Australian Business Chamber (Business SA) about EnergyFlex and how we are helping Australians become Renewables Ready.

Our founders

Garry Harding,
Co-Founder and CEO 

With 30 years experience in aerospace engineering and business development, Garry loves a challenge, especially if it’s never been done before. He co-founded EnergyFlex with the intention of applying insights from working on the world’s most advanced tech and systems to two of the world’s biggest challenges: climate change and the energy transition.

Garry believes everyone can be part of the solution to the climate crisis, and with the right tools and knowledge, everyone has the power to make a difference. Now, he’s on a mission to shift the narrative: it’s not about pointing fingers with a “how dare you”, but inspiring action with a “why don’t you?”

Craig Phasey,
Co-Founder and Head of Solutions

Craig is a seasoned Air Force veteran with 24 years experience in air intelligence and a decade in systems engineering consultancy. Craig’s expertise spans defence equipment to heavy industries like rail, oil & gas, and electricity generation. 

Driven by a commitment to address climate change while preserving civilization, Craig co-founded EnergyFlex with a vision to revolutionise public perception of energy and spearhead Australia’s economic regeneration through flexible energy operations. Outside of his world-changing aspirations, Craig treasures time with his family and two beagles, and enjoys cycling and scuba diving.

The people powering energyflex

Our team

We’re a small team of thinkers, tinkerers, dreamers, and problem-solvers split across our central hubs in Brisbane and Adelaide.

Each member of our steadily growing team is handpicked not just for their expertise, but for their passion and drive to do things differently. With a dynamic mix of backgrounds, we’re proud to host talents that boast decades of combined experience in areas as varied as software and systems engineering, UI/UX design, data science, AI, customer success, marketing, communications and business analysis.

We’re building a workplace where every voice matters, every idea is valued, and every success is celebrated; a culture where energy is infectious, collaboration is second nature, and creativity is celebrated.

Our mission is simple yet transformative: Empower every user to become ‘Renewables Ready’, harnessing the full potential of green energy.

Office Locations


Level 8, 241 Adelaide St.
Brisbane, QLD 4000


ABN 95 648 480 166


Level 3, 2 Ebenezer Pl.
Adelaide, SA 5000


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