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Unlock your business’s Energy Asset value.

By viewing your energy use as an asset, not just a cost, can be a game-changer. EnergyFlex shows you how to transform your energy use into a valuable asset in today’s dynamic energy landscape.

Unlock your Energy Asset Value

The way your business operates impacts your energy costs. Viewing your business energy use as an asset, not just a cost, can significantly impact operations for the better.

In a renewable energy future, dramatic price fluctuations will be the norm. This will make constant operations financially unsustainable.

But if you can shift your usage into periods when renewable energy is cheap, clean, and abundant, you can transform your energy use into a valuable asset that gets your business Renewables Ready.

Timing is everything.

When you use electricity is more important than how much you use.

Using energy at the wrong time is a budget-buster. Shift your usage to save big and help build a greener grid. The EnergyFlex app shows you how.

How does the EnergyFlex Rating work for business?

Energy retailers provide your business with electricity generated from a mix of fossil fuels and renewable energy like wind and solar power.

Your EnergyFlex Rating is a score out of 5 that measures your impact on the power grid and your ability to use renewable energy when it’s available.

A low Rating (0 – 2.5) indicates that most of your electricity comes from expensive fossil fuels.

A high Rating (3.5 – 5) indicates that most of your electricity comes from cheap, and at times free, renewable energy. A real win for lowering business energy costs!

Discover your Energy Asset Value with the EnergyFlex Renewables Ready Framework.

Get educated

Understanding how you use energy in your business is the starting point to unlocking your Energy Asset value. EnergyFlex benchmarks your electricity costs and environmental performance and shows you how much energy flexibility you have in your operations.

Take action

Maximise your Energy Asset value by changing how and when you use energy.
Confidently change the timing of your energy use to align with renewables and increase your energy productivity. Simple energy optimisations can have a massive impact – but timing is everything.

Reap the rewards

The cost to power your business may be one of your largest expenses, but it’s also one you have the most control over. Use the money you save through strategic energy management to invest in your growth.

case study

Rising energy costs threaten animal care at veterinary hospital

Sunshine Coast animal hospital faces tough decision to cut services due to increasing energy costs.

Success for our users in every switch.

Check out some of our inspiring success stories from across Australia that showcase how simple changes in energy habits lead to lower electricity bills and a healthier planet.

Businesses making an impact with energyflex

Attract and engage the best people

Empower your people to begin their own energy cost and carbon reduction journeys at home and amplify your collective impact.

Employees can use EnergyFlex to measure their own Energy Asset value at home – for free!

With EnergyFlex, your employees will understand the impact of their energy choices on the climate, enabling them to be active participants in the change we need.

How EnergyFlex can help get your business Renewables Ready:

Centralise energy and emissions data

Gain a single source of truth for energy and emissions data, making reporting and analysis easy.

Profit from the shift to low-carbon energy

Don’t just reduce energy costs, but also open up new revenue streams by providing energy and demand flexibility to the grid.

Enhance your employee value proposition

Alleviate cost-of-living pressures and create a workplace culture that values employees financial wellbeing and environmental sustainability.

Accurately predict energy costs

Respond in near real-time to changing energy conditions and make confident, energy-smart decisions that increase budget predictability.

Harness data-backed insights

Turn Consumer Data Right (CDR)-protected open energy data into dynamic, actionable insights to help you and your team save money and emissions.

Learn how EnergyFlex can help your business

Talk to our team of energy specialists today and join the energy flexibility movement to help get your business Renewables Ready.

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