A personal energy advisor for your home

Introducing our Renewables Ready Coaching service for households, by EnergyFlex.

Find out how households like yours can save between $500 and $1,000 on their annual energy bills while drastically reducing their carbon footprint. 

View your energy as an asset, not another bill to be paid.

Tired of confusing energy bills and feeling like you’re paying too much? Concerned about how your energy use impacts the environment? 

With our Renewables Ready Coaching service, households like yours save between $500 and $1,000 on their annual energy bills while drastically reducing their carbon footprint. 

Through small changes to your energy habits, you can “maximise your Energy Asset” and reap multiple benefits from the renewable energy transition. 

Our energy experts will show you how. 

Renewables Ready COACHING:

Whether you rent or own your home, Renewables Ready Coaching can help you reduce your energy bills and carbon emissions, without sacrificing your lifestyle. 

For just $9.99 a month, you get direct access to our energy experts, who can help you: 

  • Understand how you use energy in your home 
  • Identify opportunities to shift usage into cleaner, cheaper times 
  • Decide if you’re on the best energy tariff for your usage patterns 
  • Create a personalised action plan to increase your EnergyFlex Rating

Or book a no-obligation consultation with an energy expert to discuss how you can benefit from Renewables Ready Coaching.


Renewables Ready Coaching is a month-by-month subscription service designed to help you maximise the value of your Energy Asset. Every month, you’ll get to speak to an energy expert, who will guide you on your journey to becoming Renewables Ready. 

Benefits include: 

  • Electricity cost savings 
  • Carbon emissions reductions 
  • Lower insurance risk

No lock-in contracts. Cancel anytime.

All for just $9.99 a month

*Includes GST

Unlock the power of the energy transition and maximise your Energy Asset with EnergyFlex’s Renewables Ready Coaching.

Flexible monthly options, cancel anytime, no binding contracts.  Now, that’s a win!

Supported Payment Methods:

What’s included in Renewables Ready Coaching?

Renewables Ready Coaching puts you on a trajectory of energy cost and carbon reductions that suits your pace, budget, and lifestyle. 

month 1

Onboarding support

  • Initial EnergyFlex onboarding assistance
  • Smart meter assistance (if required)
  • Regulatory form completion
  • Data share enablement

month 2

Energy Flexibility Baseline

  • Property profile review
  • Review of energy usage patterns
  • Electricity retailer assessment
  • Assessment of energy flexibility potential
  • Recommendations for targeted improvements
  • Trajectory planning

month 3+

Continuous energy advice

  • Asset maintenance, guidance and coaching support
  • Monthly progress review
  • Goals/action setting
  • Trend analysis
  • Vendor engagement
  • Electricity retailer review
  • Email and virtual support

All for $9.99 a month. No lock-in contracts. Cancel anytime.

EnergyFlex has partnered with hipages to bring high-quality services to customers that want to benefit from the energy transition.

EnergyFlex connects customers looking for services that help them become Renewables Ready to skilled tradies, offering services in everything from solar panel installation, to building insulation, electrical upgrades, gas removal, solar installations, and building insulation and extensions, and everything in-between.

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