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Become an attractive employer by helping your employees salaries stretch further with EnergyFlex.

Ease cost-of-living pressures and create a workplace culture that values employee financial wellbeing and environmental sustainability.

Prioritising staff offerings is sexy

Yep, thats’s right. People are increasingly drawn to companies that prioritise both wellbeing and environmental responsibility.

You can elevate your employee value proposition with EnergyFlex.

By integrating EnergyFlex into your employee benefits, you not only help to combat cost-of-living challenges, but also empower your employees to reduce their carbon emissions.

Help your employees stretch their salary further

The EnergyFlex Employee Benefits package is a low-risk, low-cost company-led approach that has the potential to deliver thousands of dollars in savings each year to your workforce, and a significant and measurable benefit for the environment.

employee benefits package

  • No cost to employees
  • 12-month training and comms support
  • No ongoing subscription costs
  • White-label options
  • Seamless API integration
  • Once-off fee per employee

As an employer, you have the power to alleviate the cost-of-living crisis

Lower energy bills.

On average, EnergyFlex can save each household up to $1,000 annually on their electricity bill, providing much-needed financial relief. 

Embrace green living.

By synching their energy use with times when energy is abundant, your employees can enjoy the financial and environmental benefits of being in control of their energy use, while maintaining the stability and reliability of on grid connection.

Reduce carbon emissions.

By promoting smarter electricity use, EnergyFlex can help households cut their Scope 2 carbon emissions by around 1.5 tonnes each year. That’s like planting 75 trees annually! 

Understand their energy usage.

Say goodbye to complex energy bills! With EnergyFlex’s unique, patent-pending rating system, employees can easily track and improve their electricity costs and environmental performance. 


Your employees’ energy usage can be a powerful asset

EnergyFlex lets you tap into this potential by educating, incentivising, and empowering your team to make energy-smart decisions that not only give them financial breathing room but also elevate your existing sustainability and HR strategies.

Learn how EnergyFlex can help your business

Talk to our team of energy specialists today and join the energy flexibility movement to help get your business Renewables Ready.

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