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The EnergyFlex app is an easy-to-use tool that teaches you how to match your household energy use with renewables in the electricity grid.
This is where minor shifts make a major impact.

minor shifts.
Major impact.

No two households use energy the same way.

We know this, so we’ve designed the EnergyFlex app to offer practical energy-saving suggestions that are minor shifts in the way you use electricity in your home, but have a major positive impact.

This could be as simple as offering to find you the best energy tariff, or guiding you on hundreds of no-cost, low-cost and investment energy-saving actions you can take to reduce your electricity bills and lower your carbon emissions.

But, timing is everything. 
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Timing is everything.

When you use electricity is more important than how much you use.

Using energy at peak times strains the grid, even if you use less overall. Shift your usage to cheaper times to save money and support clean energy. The EnergyFlex app shows you how.

How it works

EnergyFlex empowers you to reduce your energy bills and carbon emissions through small, practical changes in how and when you use energy.

This is how Wendy did it:

How does the EnergyFlex Rating work?

Energy retailers provide your home with electricity generated from a mix of fossil fuels and renewable energy like wind and solar power.

Your EnergyFlex Rating is a score out of 5 that measures your impact on the power grid and your ability to use renewable energy when it’s available.

A low Rating (0 – 2.5) indicates that most of your electricity comes from expensive fossil fuels.

A high Rating (3.5 – 5) indicates that most of your electricity comes from cheap, and at times free, renewable energy. A real win for lowering household electricity bills!

EnergyFlex can access data from these retailers:

Can’t see your retailer? Find out why here.

We take your privacy seriously

Your energy data is safe with us when you connect to EnergyFlex through Consumer Data Right. It will not be shared with third parties. 

Bank-level security

Your data,
your way

Our algorithm analyses smart meter data in accordance with the Federal Government’s Consumer Data Right (CDR) framework.

Your data will only be used to help you save energy and money, and make the world a cleaner, greener place.

We are in the business of changing energy habits for the good of your wallet, and the planet.

The power to change is in your hands.
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