View energy as an asset, not an expense.

Introducing Energy Asset Management Service, by EnergyFlex.

Maximise your
energy asset

EnergyFlex is excited to offer the Energy Asset Management Service (EAMS) to our customers. EAMS is an innovative approach to energy cost and carbon emissions reduction that unlocks the benefits of the renewable energy transition. With our help, you will discover the true value of your Energy Asset and turn your energy consumption into a value stream for your business. 

Let’s understand what Energy Asset value is.

Energy use is an asset, not a liability.

Energy Asset value is the financial, environmental, and community benefit you can realise depending on how your business uses electricity. Just as the value of any traditional asset (i.e., home, car) depends on its operation, upkeep, and optimisation over time, the same principle applies to your Energy Asset.

Maximising renewable energy sources, seeking better energy retailer agreements, and implementing practical improvements will significantly reduce cost and carbon emissions and improve the inherent social appeal of your business, product, or service.

EAMS: the supportive hug your business didn’t know it needed!

EAMS offers a tailored path to energy and emissions savings that fits your budget and goals, whether you want quick cost-free wins or a comprehensive energy overhaul.

With EAMS, we empower you to:

  • Uncover energy waste: Pinpoint inefficiencies that are draining your profits.

  • Build a culture of sustainability: Foster a collaborative approach to energy efficiency, uniting your team around a common goal.

  • Maximise your Energy Asset: Gain the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions for long-term savings and sustainability.

What’s included in eams?

EAMS is a monthly business support service designed to get you on a trajectory of energy cost and carbon improvement. Access insights, education, and expert advice to establish a baseline understanding of your Energy Asset value and how you can maximise it.

Expert analysis and monthly support

Consult with our energy experts who assess your energy profile and identify opportunities to increase the value of your Energy Asset. We help you plan the way forward that suits your business needs now and into the future.

Personalised for you

EnergyFlex analyses your Consumer Data Right (CDR)-protected electricity time-of-use data to measure and manage how well you use renewable energy. 

Action plan and ongoing support

Get practical suggestions and guidance, based on your unique EnergyFlex Rating and your operational model, to guide you through sensible and confident improvements to your Energy Asset.

Let us handle your Energy Asset optimisation for you, or opt for self-management at any stage.

To speak to one of our energy consultants about EAMS and how it might benefit your business, book a consultation today.

EnergyFlex puts the power to change in your hands

The energy landscape is changing. Energy is getting cheaper and more abundant during the day, and expensive and potentially unavailable at night.

From today and into the future, the way you use energy will impact your bottom line and environmental footprint more than ever before.

Take control with Energy Asset Management Service (EAMS) by EnergyFlex and transform your energy use into a valuable asset with multiple financial, environmental, and community benefits.

Get EAMS for just $99 p/m

*Excludes GST

Unlock the power of the energy transition and maximise your Energy Asset with EAMS.

Flexible monthly options, cancel anytime, no binding contracts.  Now, that’s a win!

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benefits for your business

Cost savings

Carbon reduction

Sustainability leadership

EnergyFlex has partnered with hipages to bring high-quality services to customers that want to benefit from the energy transition.

EnergyFlex connects customers looking for services that help them become Renewables Ready to skilled tradies, offering services in everything from solar panel installation, to building insulation, electrical upgrades, gas removal, solar installations, and building insulation and extensions, and everything in-between.

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