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With EnergyFlex, learn how to harness cheap, abundant renewables as they’re generated, so you can reduce business energy costs without reducing consumption. In this case, timing is everything…

Let’s explain.

Say goodbye to skyrocketing energy costs.

Our EnergyFlex platform gives you valuable insights on the financial impacts of your energy decisions, making it easy to manage and reduce your energy bills – and maybe one day eliminate them entirely… crazy, right!

time of use is your new obsession

Electricity is already cheaper during the day when renewable energy is abundant, and more expensive at night when renewables might not be available. In the future this gap will increase.

The bad news is that energy prices will continue to increase as Australia transitions to a renewables-powered grid. The good news is that small adjustments in your energy use can have a significant impact on your bills.

Energy-smart decisions for real energy savings.

Make energy-smart decisions.
Dynamic insights on energy consumption, generation, and pricing helps you make confident decisions about when you use electricity, synchronised with the availability of renewables.
Innovate green revenue streams.
Use energy data to create eco-friendly, financially rewarding solutions that elevate the customer experience.
Accurately predict energy costs.
Respond to shifting energy conditions and make timely decisions that increase budget predictability.

Profit from the shift to low-carbon energy.

Open up new revenue streams by providing grid and demand flexibility and participating in the wholesale market.

Learn how EnergyFlex can help your business

Talk to our team of energy specialists today and join the energy flexibility movement to help get your business Renewables Ready.

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