Let’s understand carbon better

EnergyFlex empowers you with data, insights and education for the energy future.

Our app gives you transparent energy and carbon data to support your ESG commitments, enhance your zero-emissions strategies, and unlock the hidden carbon and financial value in your energy-consuming assets and appliances.

Our smart platform measures your carbon emissions

EnergyFlex is flexible, smart and simple energy and carbon management solution. It measures your energy data, providing your business with an EnergyFlex Rating and CO2 data to help you confidently measure, manage and change the timing of your business energy use to align with renewable energy, driving a reduction in electricity costs and carbon emissions.

Australia aims to reach net-zero emissions by 2050

EnergyFlex is your pathway to smarter sustainable decisions.

Without a shift in our energy habits, electricity prices will keep increasing, making net-zero targets harder to achieve, and delaying progress towards a low-carbon future.

EnergyFlex is here to change that, guiding you on your Renewables Ready journey, one energy-smart decision at a time.

EnergyFlex can align your business sustainability practices and targets to benefit your future employees.
Access a single source of truth for sustainability teams.
On-demand access to actionable data to reduce your carbon footprint and drive massive emissions savings.
Drive a collaborative, collective effort to combat climate change.
Rally your team and wider community by giving them the tools and knowledge to optimise renewable energy use and create a more sustainable future for all.
Manage risk and regulatory compliance.
Powered by CDR-protected data, EnergyFlex helps you meet regulatory standards and navigate climate-related risks with confidence.
Accurately scope sources of carbon emissions.
Easily benchmark, track, and report on Scope 2 carbon emissions, so you can change what you can and manage what you can’t.

Learn how EnergyFlex can help your business

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