How can I get a smart meter?

You will need to contact your energy retailer to upgrade your electricity meter to a smart meter. Usually, they’ll do this at no cost, but some may charge installation or admin fees, so be sure to ask about those (usually around the $60 mark).

Most retailers have an option on their website to book an installation date and time.

A few things to keep in mind when requesting a smart meter from your retailer. 

Many retailers will switch you to a time-of-use tariff when you install a smart meter. 

We recommend that you explicitly ask to stay on your current plan when you request a smart meter. Once you’ve signed up for EnergyFlex and we start collecting your data, you’ll have a better idea of how you use energy and, therefore, a better idea of which plan is best for you. 

Remember, you can change your plan and retailer as often as you like.

A word of caution: Be sure to ask for a meter upgrade, not a new meter installation. If the online form starts asking technical questions (e.g., Are you on single-phase or three-phase power?), then you’re following the ‘new meter’ path, not the ‘upgrade’ path.

Can I still get a smart meter if I live in an apartment or unit?

Yes, you can.  

If you live in a newer apartment or unit, installing a smart meter shouldn’t impact other residents. 

The smart meter request process changes all the time. For the latest info, ask our AI assistant, Sol, on the EnergyFlex app for Apple and Google Play.

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