How do you calculate my EnergyFlex Rating?

We look at how you use energy every five minutes and then match it up with the spot price of electricity. Then, we use some super-smart math and magic (it’s a bit of a secret recipe!) to come up with your EnergyFlex Rating.

We use the spot price as our guide because it’s like a snapshot of everything happening with electricity at that moment, including available generation and network effects. And while we chat a lot about solar (since it’s easy to picture), our smart calculations consider all types of renewable energy and even how energy is stored.

EnergyFlex streams data from your smart energy meter to understand how you use electricity throughout the day. It maps this data against the amount of renewable energy that’s in the grid at a given time and shows you when is the best and worst times to run your energy-hungry loads and appliances.

If you shift your use into the best time periods, your EnergyFlex Rating increases. If you don’t change how and when you use electricity, your rating won’t change much and could even drop.

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