Are You Renewables Ready?

EnergyFlex is a free app that empowers Australians to reduce their energy bills and carbon emissions through small, practical shifts in how and when they use energy.

We’re on a mission to change how Australia uses energy.

Our mantra is simple: When you use electricity is more important than how much you use.

Using more energy when it’s sunny and windy – and using less when it’s not – can significantly cut both your bills and carbon footprint.

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The way we generate electricity in Australia is changing, with renewable energy like solar and wind power increasingly feeding our grid. The way we use it needs to change too.

Time it right, and you can use more electricity and pay less for it, whilst helping the environment.

Get ready for the renewables transition and become Renewables Ready with EnergyFlex.

It’s easy to get started.

Take control of your energy costs and carbon emissions in your home or business. EnergyFlex puts the power to change in your hands.

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    Sign up, connect your data, and get personalised ideas on how to optimise energy consumption in your home.


    Monitor your EnergyFlex Rating to track how much renewable energy you're using and reduce your reliance on fossil fuels.


    Enjoy the financial and environmental benefits of being in control of your energy use.

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“Until we started using EnergyFlex, we didn’t realise that the timing of our power use has the biggest impact on our bills and our family’s environmental footprint.“

– Lucy, QLD

Get into the habit of doing things differently

Discover your Next Best Actions on the EnergyFlex app, where small actions can make a big impact.

These are new habits you can learn and use in your home. Start with easy, no-cost actions and step towards low-cost energy upgrades and long-term strategic investments.

Every action counts – you can even teach the kids to do them too! 

EnergyFlex has partnered with hipages to bring high-quality services to customers that want to benefit from the energy transition.

EnergyFlex connects customers looking for services that help them become Renewables Ready to skilled tradies, offering services in everything from solar panel installation, to building insulation, electrical upgrades, gas removal, building insulation and extensions, and everything in-between.

Start saving today with EnergyFlex. Get the app today.

Start saving today with EnergyFlex. Get the app today.